Now, I cannot understand what to do. You offered me some boneses. Do I start from them? Or do I have to continue where I stopped. Please give me an advice. And can you send me your contact details? For example, telegram, whatsapp numbers. Because, I really need your live help.

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, you may go to LC (live chat) and ask your questions there as it is the fastest.

Also you may ask your question to the community like you are doing right now.

Or in lessons if you need clarifications on a point.

Also you can leave a message to Kyle on their profile space if feeling stuck and wanting sound advice

Do know there's lots of assistance , help and support on the platform. Don't matter day or night there's always someone to answer your inquiries.
feigner Premium
welcome Hamidulla,
there is no live help other than live chat...
can you imagine what it would be like if Kyle had his personal line ope to everyone on this platform...he would never have a moments peace or be able to sleep as we are worldwide...
so they rely on the community to help....
have you started the training - click on training at the top and select online entrepreneurs certificate - level 1 getting started
then start with lesson 1 - as this will explain what the platform is about and how you can learn how to create a successful online business.
good luck with your studying in Singapore and with your training here