I have just started on the venture of writing eBooks and would like any
all suggestions & advice.

Here's a sample of my first attempt:

I would like to see yours & see what you think about mine.



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kmer6 Premium
Good evening to you Wally. I published a book several years ago, through Amazon Kindle. Since then I have learned of a much better platform to publish a book through. Smashwords.com. This business allows you to upload your PDF book formatted to their specifications. They will publish it for free, and distribute it to all the major bookstores around the world. If someone wants it in hardcopy, they also do this as well. Once the book sells, you share the profit with them. IE - for a $2 book, they get 95 cents.
I hope you find this of good information to you.
Funkydunc208 Premium
You have some potential there, Wally. I put one together on public speaking tips through Beacon.by

Here is the link to it:

Chat soon,
wb5yjs Premium
A couple of possible corrections in you book:
the first paragraph under "8 tips to help read & remember"
walks of LIFE - instead of walks of LIKE & add the word "to" in the following sentence.

I really like the way your book is constructed... especially the interactive TOC.

How does Beacon.by compare to Amazon?

Thanks for your reply,

Funkydunc208 Premium
Beacon doesn't market them, just gives you the tools to make them.