When getting started at Wealthy Affiliate you are going to want to take some time to set yourself some goals. Over the years I've really tried to build this into our getting started training because it's an important step not to miss. Goals help you: 1 - Work toward something 2 - Stay focused on the tasks to achieve them 3 - Stay motivated to achieve them When you achieve your current set of goals, you then move on to the next set! I like to write my goals down on paper. Many people use sticky notes, or they record them in a notebook. Regardless how you record them, just be sure to make set some goals and always have some that you are working toward. Whether you have goals to build your first website, choose a niche, find some keywords, earn your first sale, earn $500 a month, earn $5000 a month...setting goals gives you clarity and motivation to achieve them. If you haven't already, go ahead and set some goals! I'd love to hear some of your goals too if you feel like sharing :) Carson
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Anna G Premium
Having goals and reviewing them constantly will keep you on track. Always hold yourself accountable. Become your toughest critic.
I'm going to make a separate comment for the one below and leave the direct comment for Carson. On my behalf, I'm one of those who struggles with my IM. My struggles are not from the mechanics in here,

It's got nothing to do with what's in here.

I have the same struggles everywhere, keeping a job, and that sort. I'm always the one in the back seat and sometimes not even in the auditorium, but in the foyer.

I have personal issues that get in my way.

My point is, there are a plethora of reasons why people are not making it in here.

The average number, even in Christianity, as you can reckon with, "Many are called but few are chosen." The same principle applies here. What's here is presented in such a way that anybody can get it.

What gets in our way, most of the time, is ourselves.

Sometimes outside influences mess our focus up. It happens to me.

I'm being personally helped in here and there is one reason why I stick this out...

The issues inside of me, the hardships, and all, they can't last forever. I know what to do. I have battles and wars going on inside of me.

There's the 95% and there's the 5%. This seems to be the same across the entire board in just about every facet in life. Again, you being a minister should be able to see this. I have tremendous respect for the work you do.

This why "Take action" is so strongly preached and taught in here. It's sad but true, however, no matter how much you want to get a horse to drink water, you can only lead him to the place where the water is.

Any one of us can make the choices to make it or not. It takes growth, and it's not all in here. There's the personal aspect too.

I hope this helped.
Carson Premium
Very well said Daniel. Everyone has what it takes to be very successful with Internet marketing. Yes, being part of WA totally helps as we honestly offer everything that you need...but for most people the single thing that gets in the way is themselves.

We all have distractions, life is busy and there are all kinds of things that happen, but when we DO have the time to focus on Internet marketing we need to take action.

Setting goals really helps with productivity and focus and it'll get you taking action more regularly to achieve those goals.

jmWA Premium

I agree goals are important.. once you know (like I talked about in a recent blog) the KEY INGREDIENTS in the IM cake recipe (so to speak) - which some of us newbies are still learning - and the order they need to be added to the mixture, the oven temperature, baking time etc., otherwise...

We're like kids in the kitchen.. covered with flour & dropping eggs on the floor. No matter our goals or sincere desire to succeed.. we'll make a mess of things, until an adult parent or two, (mentors like you and Kyle) give us the direction we need, which is a perfect seg-way into a few Q's I have . . .

1. Being pretty new to Affiliate Marketing, I find the blogs from my fellow WA members causes mixed emotions . . .

On the one hand.. it's inspiring and we learn a lot from the candid messages of the progress some report they're making, and yet It's equally disheartening to read that many (or most) say they're struggling in their IM business . . .

Some who've been at this for a very long time - even years - (like perpetual students maybe?) and made little $ or none, and say things like.. "I'm back again.. but this time I'm determined to finally make it work.. or similar words?!

Carson.. some of us don't have the heart, the money or the years to figure it out and make it work! Hey (as the saying goes) I don't buy green bananas anymore! LOL! Which leads to my second question . . .

2. How about a simplified a, b, c, plan to shorten the learning curve and get us on the path to AF/IM income.. quicker.. say within 30 - 45 days? Last question...

3. I've been watching for the big 1/28 announcement "Kyle said" that is suppose to change WA forever? Did I miss it? If so.. tell us what it was?

Please don't take me wrong . . . I'm a team player as much or more than most.. which means I'm also looking out for everyone on the team as well..

So in a world, (including the fast paced Internet) where integrity means not just something.. but EVERYTHING.. and is no doubt the reason WA, (thanks to you & Kyle) have over 50,000 members now...

Please give us little guys on a tight budget, the value we came for, and many good reasons to stick with our premium memberships.. like making sure we get it, (how IM income really works) so we'll soon be reading 2 positive blogs for every one that's still struggling.

As they often said, (when I worked in A.L. Williams in the 80's) "There's nothing worse than the long gray road of mediocrity!" And to be a perpetual IM student? That's even worse.. to see others succeeding and you failing?..

That's a long gray "fog covered" road.. where an 18 wheeler (like Google) may come out of the fog to hit you at any time without warning. LOL.

Look forward to your answers . . .

Blessings . . . jm
I know that this is important. I have several times attempted to at least, set a schedule to do things. One of the missing links here... you guessed it...


I have never set a time limit on getting things done because I lack the confidence that I will achieve this...even though I know that if I had a goal, worked my way back with a doable schedule to reach that goal, I'd get what I'm after in life.

My overall goals:

1. Make Wealthy Affiliate my business.
2. Remove the insidious feeling of knowing the first of the month is coming around by building my online business to the point where I'm making a substantial, consistent income.
3. Get the worries out of my mind that I will wind up having to work for my money (as in a job.)
4. Contribute to those areas I see worthy. WA, Church, helping those who want to rise up out of mediocrity. This is how I'd like to spend the rest of my life.

I feel I'm not ready to set time limits because things have been so unstable in my life and it doesn't take much to spoil what I plan out. It happens all the time and I get behind on my own scheduling, no matter how small I make the tasks.

My goals in life would be,


Wonderful post Carson! Shared this : )
Carson Premium
Hey Daniel, great post and thanks for sharing your personal goals. You mentioned "Get the worries out of your mind..." and this is something that most people run into.


Fear of failing
Fear of the unknown
Fear of investing in themselves
Fear of their abilities

This is one of the reasons why people just never take action, and it's why people have trouble succeeding.

You can, and WILL make a business out of Wealthy Affiliate.
You can, and WILL make all of the above happen because you take action. You will experience failures along the way, but this is normal when you are learning and building something. You learn from the things that you have trouble with, then move on and are better for it.

If you maintain your motivation and wonderful attitude you are going to be wildly successful online for as long as you want!

You have such hypnotic fingers (and the voice inside of you) : ) It's what makes you the great coach that you are! I really appreciate it big time! and I'm being helped! I take that very seriously. In spite of my opposition and hardship, I need to sit down and figure this out. I wouldn't have hung around so long if I didn't have faith in WA. I just need to have more faith in my self.

It is exactly why I'm not achieving and I know it.

Hudson Premium
Hi Carson, absolutely agree that you need to have goals.

Mine for 2013 are as follows:


By January 31st earn anything - I have done this.
By June 30th earn at least $100 per month.
By December 31st earn at least $500 per month.

Non- financial goals:

By February 28th write at least one training course for WA - this is on schedule.
By March 31st write my first free gift for the landing page on my site, & re-organise my site as it needs some attention.
By June 30th write at least one book review, make an active start on local marketing, start on squidoo lenses, write two more training courses for WA.
By December 31st have a writing routine, and business processes that support my financial goals, and continue at all times to contribute to WA.

I probably spend about two to three hours per day on my work, most weeks seven days a week. I am looking at how to increase this time spent and also to increase my productivity by using tools to do so. My objective overall is to beat these goals both in amount and time - let's see!

Hope this helps - to all Newbies I would say that you do need to establish realistic goals in order to have something to aim for and a way of benchmarking your progress.


Carson Premium
Hi Hudson, I see that you have some very achievable goals that you are working towards. Thanks for sharing. You will reach these goals, and far surpass them because you are organized, and you are implementing what you are learning. Everyone who implements what they learn (such as setting goals) becomes successful. The people who give-up, or never implement anything are the ones that have trouble.

You are on the right path and I'm happy to see that you are active in WA regularly. This alone will take your learning to another level.