Hello everybody. Firstly, i was unaware we could recieve messages from Google. They are saying i have won an i phone 11. They say to complete my contact details to recvieve the phone. Now, when anything asks for your contact details, the hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention, or should i push the button? Any advice is always welcome. Thanks guys.

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keishalina9 Premium
*** definitely 'phishing' fishy -- scam artists are getting better everyday! ... always trust your own instincts ... lol ... "hairs standing at attention!" .... that's a good one -- trust yourself!

suggest delete immediately and whatever you do -- do not click on any of those links! ... they could contain 'gosh-knows-what!' ... you don't want any....

keep well, stay strong..... all the best, cheerio ... :) ***
JohaneG Premium
That is a scam.
AbieAJ Premium
Scam. Best wishes.
Wellbeing38 Premium
Scam my friend
Give it a wide berth
apache1 Premium
Just another scams Google has no interest in giving such messages
Just don't open any links and delete
doug48 Premium
Actually, they have asked for my credit card details for verification. Thanks for the warning. And to everyone else as well
apache1 Premium
Definately a scam never give your credit card details
Take care