I got this ad in my email today. It's apparently a wordpress plugin that putts your keywords into code that is more google friendly. Costs $47.

In a simple explanation, schemas are basically vocabulary in the form of code that tells Google what information to show in their search results!

With schemas, this means the searcher sees what they want and if you are the one using schema, then you can rest knowing the right information is shared in each search result.

We know what you’re thinking-- and yes, this is essentially SEO. In fact, it’s the next evolution of SEO. If you don’t use schemas in your websites you can expect your websites to start placing further and further down in search engine results. It’s time for schema, now or never.

But wait, you’re a marketer, not a coder! Thankfully with WpSchemaPlugin you won’t have to worry about ANY of the code. Using the plugin with your WordPress website means your SEO problem just got a whole lot smaller.

You are now probably thinking: how does it solve the SEO problem? Well.. in three easy steps:

Scrape - Find your TOP COMPETITOR, scrape their website for their schema and use the plugin to place it into your own website code.

Edit - Now, all the information you have is for the other website, but editing it to show your information is made easy within the plugin. All you have to do is replace the competitor’s information with your own in the specific fields. The form is simple and easy to navigate!

Save - Save, save, save. Click that button, and save and you’re done! Just watch and see your website rise in the rankings. If you are really curious, edit your schema even more to rank even higher!

It’s really that easy. You have to get wpSchemaPlugin today. Tomorrow, many more of your competitors might rank above you…

Get your copy today!


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RDulloo Premium
Hmm, I haven't heard of it, but I will follow this thread to see what others say. So far, I've been here for over 2 years and I have been doing really good simply following the training.

But things could be changing. let's see what others have to say.
zydegeaux Premium
Of course they want to sell you the plugin and who knows whether google is really making changes but anything that enhance your traffic is a good thing. It could be another worthless thing some will buy too.

I am not nearly ready to get really going. Still trying to make sense of wordpress. I'll wait to hear what other people say about it.