1. If I decide to upgrade to Premuim :
a) is there minimum period that I have to commit myself e.g. if I decide to quit after month or two do I have any obligation toward WA ?
b) I get free hosting for 50 websites , correct ?
c) I can transfer my domain from other registrars without too much hassle and for free, correct ?
d) Can I be part of WA affiliate program if my website is hosted somewhere else ?

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Gunnertwist Premium
Hi there. Ok here u go;

a) No, there is no obligation to WA, u can stop at any time, and started again at any time just by paying the membership fee again should u decide to come back.

b) Yes, you can host up to 25 free Siterubix subdomains and 25 top level domains, like a .com for a total of 50 websites.

c) Yes, u can transfer from other registrars to WA for free as a premium member for free and there is training available to show u how. Note that the domain must be older than 60 days before u can transfer, that is an ICANN rule that all registrars must abide by.

d) Yes, u can still apply all that you learn here to other websites. You do not have to host here and still be part of WA.

Hope this helps u out.

AlexMi Premium
Hi Gunnertwist,

thank you very much for prompt and clear and helpful answers to my questions . I appreciate it a lot .

Gunnertwist Premium
u r welcome. I wish u great success in all that u do. :)