Hi all just a quick one.

Obviously it's gonna take time. But pretty much I should choose a topic or somthing that interests me and further research it and than promote products surrounding it right? Let's say for example I'm into soccer balls I should research all kinds of soccer balls gather reviews on my website than put some links on sport stors for different varients of soccer balls. Am I on the right page here. I don't know if I'll do well

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Robert-A Premium
Its always best to choose a Niche with products you have an interest in.
It will also help if you have some experience and/or knowledge so you can write with some authority.
smartketeer Premium
Welcome to the family Mohamad!

Wise decision!

First, you should define your goals.

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Mubs1 Premium
Yup you pretty much got it. I recommend you try and avoid the health niche if possible. I'm in the oral health niche and my website rankings dropped since the google medic update.

Google prefers someone professional/authority for those sorts of topics. It's not to say you can't make money, but it will be a lot harder.

Research a topic that interests you or you are passionate about because it will be a lot easier to write blog posts around them. I'm not sure how long you have been here but you will be writing articles most days.

Do some keyword research to see how many people are searching for those topics. If there is a decent audience 1000+ visitors per month then you should be good to go.