Back in July 2016 whilst exploring other members websites I appear to have joined a forum on a website and over last couple of weeks I am getting a lot of Spam generated from that forum. The website appears to be hosted at WA but I do not recall whose it is. Rather than go public with this I thought best to report to Support who may be able to help the website owner stop the spam and prevent it from occurring again.

Oops just noticed this is going to community and not support so have deleted the website name for now.

It is promoting WA and does have a couple of testimonials from some of our ambassador members. The spam is not about WA but about insurance schemes, viagra etc.

Or should I blog it in the hope the website owner will see it and fix it themselves?



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codevonish Premium
You don't have to approve the spam and there is a button for reporting spam. sometimes a gentle caution by PM can be beneficial in case the spam is not deliberate.
grt007 Premium
I do not believe the spam is deliberate - maybe an intrusion through the forum that has been set up on the site. It does not look like the site owner/administrator has been active for sometime. I did PM the owner but no response.