Hi Kyle,

Is there any way to search directly for a certain member of WA? I've been trying to keep track of who's doing what and how we can help each other, but it seems that is a cumbersome system at best. Any suggestions?

On another note, should be off all next week, so will be working hard to bring this website under control. Can't wait....such an exciting journey!

Thanks for your help.....wow, we have an abundance of interesting souls in this community. Great job on making this happen for us!



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Bill67 Premium
If you find someone you really want to keep in touch with send a private message to them and you will be able to contact them from there
edgie Premium
Hi Susan. yes you can search for other members in the middle search bar above. the best way to keep track of others is to follow them then you can just find them in your network section on your own profile