how do I edit my web page

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Cath88 Premium

When you compose a post within Site Rubix and then hit "Publish," you have options after you "publish" it. I recall one of the things asked is if you want to edit in WordPress, Create New Content, etc.

So, from now on, if you want to edit in WP, click on that.

For this most recent post, did you go to your Dashboard and click on "Posts," "All Posts?" If you did, it will then show up there.

Please let us know if you are still having problems with this.


dragonfly10 Premium Plus
I publish my page, the site manager, said it is published, but when I go to WordPress it is not there. The website content/ website manager page will not allow me to republish it. What do I do? Help
LouisaB Premium
I was going to say the same as Mom, and Larmu. The both gave great suggestions on how to edit Post or Page.
Larmu189 Premium
Are you into your siterubix? If so go to dashboard then pages click on the page that you want to edit then under that page is edit button click that then you will be in visual or text and you can make changes and then press save button
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
how do I edit my new website?
MozMary Premium Plus
if it's already published you can either access the article in sitecontent published tab or go into site manager and log in and then go click posts or pages, whichever it is, ask again if you can't find these