Hi Kyle,
Can I purchase my Domain name at the end of my training or should I buy it asap?

Best Regards


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jghwebbrand Premium
Our perspective is that it is best to start with the free siterubix.com website because as you begin to develop your first website you may change your niche focus and with a free siterubix.com you can delete it and start a different one.

By using a free siterubix.com website you do not waste your time because the free siterubix.com website can be MOVED to a dot com domain website. Everything moves (pages, posts, theme, settings, plugins) so you don't waste time.

Here is the training that shows you how to MOVE your free siterubuix.com website The decision is yours. If you know for sure what your niche is and have a name you like and it is available that is an option too.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - when you are ready to purchase, take a look at my blog post first.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Antoine,

It's great to see you here at Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for your question.

Providing that you know what you want your niche to be, I would personally think about buying a domain sooner rather than later. However, before purchasing a domain, have a good think about what you want your domain to be called. Obviously, not all domains are available, however, with a bit of thought, you can normally find something similar to what you require.

And just one more thing, in most circumstances, I would go with a.com domain.

Have a great day.

AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may start with a siterubix subdomain around a focused niche and build up content and until you are satisfied with your niche and name, down the line have your own dot com, as some affiliate programs do not work with a subdomain. Cost of which is $15 yearly each privacy included. You can then move your siterubix to your dot com applying the move feature found within the site manager which is an easy process.

Another reason is that if you made a mistake on a dot com domain, you won't be able to edit the URL, you'd have to purchase a new one.