When selecting a niche, do you consider the do you consider the company whose products you'll promote or that comes after selecting a niche? Could the popularity of a company matter when selecting a niche?

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AnisChity Premium
Hi Joshua! A niche should be about something you're passionate about.

It could be about a hobby, your work, or it could even be about a new RV you’ve just bought. You don’t have to be an expert on this topic. It just has to be a topic that gets you excited when talking about it.

What do you enjoy teaching others about?

What are you better at than the average person?

What do you have a lot of experience doing?

What’s something really unique/cool that you’ve accomplished?

Ask yourself these questions to start brainstorming your main areas of expertise.

And remember:

You don’t need to be the #1 expert in your niche to make an impact.

Teach what you know.

Share your journey.

Think about it. Even if you consider yourself an “intermediate” in your niche topic, you can still offer SO MUCH to people who are beginners!

The one thing you don’t want to do, though, is feel like you have to be the expert to the point where you just re-hash other people’s more advanced content without having any personal experience to draw from.

Here are some good resources on how to choose a niche After you select a good niche, the products you promote should be strictly under the niche you've selected.

Let me know if you have any other questions
JMathenge1 Premium
Thanks for the help. I really needed it.
AnisChity Premium
You're welcome please feel free to ask me or ask the community whenever you need it :)
merlynmac Premium
It can be a consideration but I highly recommend picking a niche you're passionate about for your first go.
boomergp08 Premium
Selecting the niche should always come first because in most cases there are multiple companies that will sell the same product.