I'm planning to buy a domain name for my website but I just want to confirm if it really matters to do so, any ideas ?

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TheCatherine Premium
yes it does it is very important because it is the equivalent real estate. You only and you can sell it. You don't have to be premium to purchase a domain there are many companies from which you can buy domain. The sooner you do it the better you will be because domains rank better when they are aged and the age from purchase date.

It is easier to rank with your own domain because it's called TLD which is top level domain which means www.mydomain.com. A site rubix site is as a sub domain and they are harder to rank.

When choosing a domain a.com domain outranks anything else try not to put in dashes because people forget to type them in the menu bar. In other words they remember the domain possibly but forget there's a – and it
I bought a domain name from another registrar, then I found myself needing additional charges to use it
Is there a way to use my own domain without having to pay
apache1 Premium
The training will show and explain how important it is to have the right domain name for your website relating to your niche as for ranking it can, depending on many factors explained in the training.

Focus first on the training before you select a name for your website.

don't spend money on buying a domain name rather create you own and let the training come first and you will find it easier in the long run.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - please note you need to be a premium member to have a domain hosted here.
Gordon-D Premium
When you go through the training here at WA Kyle will explain the importance of having your own Domain see here It is very advisable to follow the training step by step and don't get ahead of yourself, you will find it a lot easier and all your questions will be answered