Which affiliate programs would you recommend for this niche?
I'm just going through the basic training and created my blank web site. Thanks.

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megawinner Premium
Hi Young! It is very interesting. A great idea, though some may tell you to be more specific. Just go ahead where your passion and interest is. You may want to zoom in to one of the areas of investment... Cheers.
SandMan94 Premium
Look up stocks and bonds programs, gold and silver investing, accounting businesses with Affiliate programs, credit solutions. Things like that.

If your teaching people how to invest, lead them to Affiliate programs that help them increase their profits.

Write money based blogs. "How money works", "the history of money", "what are good investing practices?"

Hope this helps,
SandMan94 Premium
I don't personally have a website with investing niche but I am with a gold and silver investing Affiliate program. It's really interesting to see how you can have those things as assets for longterm gains.
Thanks for the ideas, Brandon. I do invest in Funds and precious metals. So will be looking for recommended affiliate programs that can help people to get started.