do you think going through the entrepreneurs training will help me in any way with my affiliate marketing business ?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

The Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform that teaches us how to build a progressive successful site for affiliate marketing. Please follow the Wealthy Affiliate training and apply what is taught all is explained within the lessons, ticking checklists at the bottom, tasks asked of you to complete in order to set up properly and guide you through the process.

Level One of OEC And level One of the Affiliate Bootcamp How to make money by Kyle Let us know when needing help or have further questions.
CollierA94 Premium
Absolutely, going through both the affiliate training and the online Entrepreneur certification will strengthen the quality of your site.

The basics of hot we learn to make money with our website is still the same; search, content, purchase, and profit.

Ultimately, we’re going to learn how to become a content machine and if we double that process then we’ll double our ammunition (our content).

However, you should continue to focus on completing one in it’s entirety first, and then move on afterwards.

Just stick to the process and the rest will play out how you want to.

Good luck!
michaelw777 Premium
For sure it should. And if you have the time? Do both. Do both Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp; just click Training in the above menu. Start with one; finish it; and if you want repeat it? And then do the other and the same. And if you want? You can repeat them a few times. So, to answer your question; yes; for sure it will help. Other Members please do say more?
LaraCro Premium Plus
? :)
jghwebbrand Premium
Is your niche Make Money Online? Then no, I would do the Affiliate Boot Camp.

Did you pick your own personal niche other than MMO?
Do you have your website set up with your privacy policy, About me and menu plus SEO plugin?

The purpose of Online Enterprise Certification training is to set up your website so it is ready to add your content and add affiliate links after you write 15 - 20 niche posts..