Do you recommend I upgrade to Premium Plus? I want to fast track my achievement success? Please :) Thanks

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you are already distracted enough trying to follow the standard premium training. If you upgrade to Plus, you will have hundreds more webinars to watch, the majority of which are not necessary for a beginner.

Wait until you have completed all 50 lessons of the OEC (in the correct order!)
DivineGood Premium
As a starter, please do take your time.
Learning the lessons step by step can
be overwhelming even though you have
a lot of help. It is still YOU who would do
the work.

I highly suggest going to your basic training
first, get familiarized with the training and
go toward Bootcamp after if you can.

Time is the factor here as it would take up
too much of your time to be more aware
of what is going on inside WA platform.

Everything grows in its time.


jghwebbrand Premium
If you have the money for the monthly fee.

But I would go through the Online Entrepreneur training first so you have a solid background, then upgrade. Yes Paid Premium plus will fast track you, but from our perspective there are basic things to understand first.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I wouldn't! You have too many things to learn as a starter and you won't be ready or have the time or knowledge for the advanced classes! My opinion only, Lara!

Hunthounds13 Premium
Yes upgrade