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BobBarr Premium
If you've purchased your domain name here at WA, domain privacy is included in the price.

If you've purchased the domain name elsewhere, I'd recommend putting domain privacy in place. The cost ranges from under $3 per year (namecheap) to around $10 per year (bluehost).

It's certainly worth it to me to keep my home address and personal phone number from being exposed to anyone on the planet for whatever purposes they choose to use them.
RobertC44 Premium
Thanks for your comments Bob. Yeah for the little cost its probably worth it.
ThomasPaul Premium
It's not required, but I always recommend it. If you don't get some sort of whois protection your name, address, and phone number will be available in the ICANN whois database. All any one would have to do is lookup your domain in the database and they would have your contact information.

Over the years there have been unscrupulous people/companies that have called people that were promoting Wealthy Affiliate on their websites and pretended to be from Wealthy Affiliate. They then tried to sell people expensive training packages.

I always pay a few dollars each year to avoid all of that nonsense.
RobertC44 Premium
Thanks for the comments. You are right, for the small cost it is probably worth it.
browzman Premium
You can ask the friendly folks in support.