Hi...I'm a monthly premium member and in within a few days I will have been paying as a monthly subscriber for a year. I'm thinking of upgrading to the yearly plan but wonder if I can do that any time? Or does it have to be before the 1 year mark? If I wait a while, will it affect the annual price in any way?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Susan,

Yes you can update to the yearly plan anytime. The monthly rate tends to cost more than the yearly rate... plus... in November there is usually a Black Friday sale.

Say you decide to sign up for the yearly plan right now... you save as it costs more when paying monthly.

Then come November, you want in on that low cost of a one year membership offered for Black Friday, you CAN get in on it... and, this is what happens... the few months between when you FIRST signed up for a yearly membership and when you signed up for the Black Friday SALE priced yearly membership... the extra months are then tacked on to the END of your paid for term.

Then... come EVERY Black Friday sale in the future, your account is automatically billed for the lower price.

This is what I did when I joined. Sure saves you money!

Hope this helps you.
west2000 Premium
Thanks for telling me about this! Sounds like a good way to go.