Hi everyone, Im kinda confused here, do you i choose my website theme based on my niche or how does that work? where do i choose my theme for my niche?

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anusuya1 Premium
Jay likes generate press theme. There is free version . It seems to be amenable to varieties of niche. There is opportunity to upgrade later as well.
It s a good thought to choose the appropriate theme from the beginning. However it’s not the end of the world.
One could always change the theme later.
jghwebbrand Premium
As a Paid Premium member you are free to choose your own website theme.

Free Starter members sites are installed with Generate Press because it is fast and easy to use.

We do not choose a theme based on niche, we choose our website themes by the following criterion. (the functionality features)

What we look for is how many header menus are available.
Are there footer columns and can a menu be used in the footer
Does the header have options. - Just the site title and tag line or an image with tagline.
Does it have breadcrumbs built in.
Is it fast speed wise
Is it popular which usually means it is updated with new features.
Does it have starter sites that can be used.in the block editor.
Does it offer flexibility for different feature settings.

We do not look for a theme with images that fit our niche because we want to find our own images. And many times those images aren't part of the theme anyway.

The three advertised fastest themes are Generate Press, Astra and Neve.
Wfontana Premium
The generate press theme is set up for speed, which can get you ranked with Google easier, start with that
feigner Premium
choose your theme on the style rather than any images on there or name....
you won't get any of the images and the name doesn't matter...
As Diane says generatepress is a pretty good theme...i prefer astra or blocksy...
but start out with generatepress and keep it plain ...logo, title and that's it..write content and when you have written 20-30 articles then go back and style your site...
add generatepress to a test siterubix site and go into appearance >>customise and have a play to see what you can do...
try out hte other themes above and see what they can do ...
but the most important thing is to get those articles onto your site as fast as possible...
good luck patricia...
SabinaMurapo Premium
Hey .. the type of them doesn't really matter. You can choose any or leave the default one.. 👌👌 all the best . That's progress right there