Maybe not something to make a discussion thread but I've decided my niche, it will bee aboute Premier League, souvenirs and kids/youth soccer.

But I have no ide of an nice domain name.

Suggestions pleas :)

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JohnV Premium
Quite a large niche; suggest specialise in one of those three to start - or similar?
Regards and good luck
maxser67 Premium
Thanks John, that would be a great name.
I agree it seems to be a large niche, but the main subject would be PL and with advertasng souvenirs, and then soccer is a big subject at home with my kids, 10 & 16, so ther will be a "sidekick" with kid/youth soccer.
But I will go with that name with "siterubix" because I can't get premium right now.

Many thanks to both of you guys! :)
maxser67 Premium
Thanks Rodney!