Hello Kyle, It has been one week now that I have joined your program, and I love it :) I am still doing your training and have 4 Keyword-rich articles posted, and you taught in training, but still not indexed in Google. How long will that take?

After the training is completed, I will have more than 20 articles and additions like Facebook and Twitter. Affiliate links etc.. on my website. After everything is completed, how much content should I add? And how soon can I start creating a new Niche website?

Please let me know about your professional experience. I am a brand new guy in this affiliate marketing business,

Thank you


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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, working on a website never finishes. You'd have to keep updating it with 2 -3 posts every week and for the foreseeable fioriture. Consistency is key and Google loves consistency.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
It can take 3 - 6 months to see any income. This is a long term commitment and takes months of consistent work.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Hi Herman,
once you have written the initial 20 articles you will continue to do keyword research and keep writing. Then in answer to your question how long does it take to be indexed in Google, as well as the first step. In this indexing means that Google has found it. Once Google is founded it puts it on the page right at the end of the queue say page 2,354,654.

It puts it at the end of the queue because it is nowhere to put it and it takes a while for it to do this and this is called a page rank. Google decides how authoritative your article is and gives it a page rank. Ideally, you want it on page 1 that will not happen immediately you will make changes to each article in the future as you learn more and as the website ages than the page rank will improve.

After that you will need to continue with your keyword research and write a lot more articles than 20. Depending on your niche. You may have to write between 60 and 300 articles before you get a lot of traction. So ideally you will be a while before you create your second side
herman71 Premium Plus
Hello Catherine, Thank you so much for your quick response and educational answers. :)