What is the difference between clicks and impressions? I am getting impressions but no clicks. Wouldn't somebody have to click before they can leave an impression?

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JeannineC Premium
Are you using something like Google Analytics to ID whether you are getting impressions or clicks? Google analytics often uses different metrics to determine both an impression or click, especially vs. what an affiliate network might count.

FYI, a click is a specific action - the action of actually clicking on a link available on your page.

An impression can be quite misleading - you could actually get numerous impressions from someone visiting a single page, as each component on that page could be counted as an impression when it loads. That means 1 impression for each banner ad, another for each graphic, another for adsense, etc. Trying to determine your CTR (click through rate) based on impressions > clicks will always be discouraging, but it's not really a valid metric.
zydegeaux Premium
Both but analytics seems harder to find things than search console.
EdwinBernard Premium
Impressions are credited when your post appears on a page a person searching for information receives.

A click is credited when the person searching sees your post anc clicks it.

Hence clicks will always be significantly less than impressions. IF you have a very high impression number and no clicks, you need to review what description of your article your viewers sees after your title. You have control on this in the WordPress SEO area.

If you do not write in what you want the viewer to see, Google will automatically enter the first few sentences of your article. And that may not be what you would like to appear in the search snippet. If that is the case, you should write what you wish your viewer to see that will entice them to open your post.

It could also be that your keyword, even though it was good eough to land on the 1st page, wasn't enticing enough for the viewer to open the post.

This is an art as well as a science. WA teaches us all these things. And especially Jay Neill in his Friday evening webinars. You can learn more by checking out the archives on the Live Events tab on the left.

The fact that you asked this question says a lot of good things about you. I know you will figure this out and in time you will get a lot of clicks.


zydegeaux Premium
Thanks. The site is relatively new and I am still working on getting everything to look and work like I want it to
luvbusiness Premium
Thank you for the explanation.
Aussiemuso Premium
Some great answers here and definitely a question I needed answered.

Lily 😊🎶
zydegeaux Premium
One more thing. It shows that I have had zero clicks. Other people have visited the site as well as myself. In addition I visited the site from several different locations around the USA and the world by proxy so as to see if I got unique clicks rather than just me again
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Did you access your website by searching Google for it, or by typing your domain name directly in to the address bar?

Google Search Console will only show you searches performed.

Google Analytics will show you all searches, unless you have applied any exceptions, such as blocking IP Addresses or excluding logged in Administrators etc.
zydegeaux Premium
OK. I didn't do searches
roysinOnline Premium
Good question! I have been wondering about the same topic. It is much clearer to me now.

- Roy -