Anyone out there in the community able to help?
I was just getting in to the training as a new starter and just completed the section on keyword research. Then I went premium and I feel like the nice steady stream of information just went nuclear! I have messages from loads of people and training options and live classes etc. Please don't get me wrong i'm not complaining about what you get as its clearly lot but I was expecting the training to continue where it left off but instead I am confronted with buying a domain name.. help!

I just want to know where do I go from here as I don't feel ready to delve in to different areas just yet. I'm not even ready to buy a domain name as I haven't even written my first blog on the website I started. Now I'm feeling a bit lost and like my original website is a little insignificant now. I'm interested to know what others did in this situation. Did you continue with your niche website and start blogging or did you start again with something different? Did anyone else feel really confused once they went premium? Did anyone feel their niche wasn't quite right?

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Roseyl769 Premium
Wow, thank you all so much for messaging me. I feel so supported already!

I had started the second phase of the training and got overwhelmed by the domain name bit but after listening to you all I skipped to section three and I'm now where I need to be.

I'm loving the step by step training. It's so easy to follow. So much to learn and grow.

I really do value and appreciate all of your messages. Thank you so much!

Rosey xx
OrenL Premium
Hi Rosey,

Yes. The continued training, the options and goodies that come with Premium can be overwhelming! Congrats on making the upgrade. You did the most important thing - reach out to the WA community for help. The help and support here is the best.

As for niches, I've bounced around a few times til I settled on something I can drive.

Definitely plug into live webinars with Jay every Friday. Good stuff!!

Welcome aboard!
HowardFF Premium

The others have said it well, so I can't add much there. Just wanted to add my voice, though, to theirs saying "Don't worry. Relax. Take it easy... It will all come together in time."

We all feel like we're drinking from the proverbial fire hose at first. Take the OEC steps one by one and keep asking for input like you did here.

There's always someone online to help.


Jadatherapy Premium
Hi Rosey

I felt similar to your description of being a little overwhelmed with all that Wealthy Affiliate as to offer.

Just take your time and don't rush into buying a domain name just yet until you are ready to do so.

If you feel that you want to re-take any part of the training then do so.

Find your niche that you love and are ready to start and then use it as your learning niche to continue the training with.

The only way to know if your niche is the right one is to start it, but please choose a niche that you know that you love and can write a lot about.

At the beginning it can be overwhelming but the more you learn the easier it will become.

We have all been there so please know that you have a community here that is second to none when it comes to getting help and support.

Another thing that I have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate and that is to keep it simple and just follow the step by step process because it works.

If you need any further help and support please let me know I am here to help you and I am honoured to do so.

Here's to making it happen in 2020 and beyond

DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - yes, there is a huge amount of information here and it can be overwhelming. I suggest you don't get distracted and just concentrate on the core training of the Online Entrepreneur course.

Level 2 does ask you to buy a domain, but it's not compulsory at this stage. You can continue to work on your free website. When you are ready to buy, it's a simple process to transfer all the content from one to another. You don't lose any work you have done or have to start again.

Do be aware that you can't change a domain name so make sure you are happy with your niche.