I kept wondering.
I’ve been checking different sites. I’m still considering before I purchase.
Will you accept deaf people (like me)
And I can text and Email instead of calling future customers.

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Ivan88 Premium
Hey Cassandra, I believe guys have given you all the right answers already. There's no phone contact in affiliate marketing. You're just a middleman between a customer and a product/service owner. The process of connecting them is done through your site in written form.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - affiliate marketing doesn't require any interaction with customers. You are simply sending them to another website to actually make the purchases.
Carson2 Premium
Phone not necessary. We'd love to have you with us. Try your hand as a starter. See how you enjoy it, then go with premium.
BarbaraBC Premium
I would think you can set up the way you contact customers anyway you want. I believe in the online world there would be very little telephone contact. With affiliate marketing the usual process is; clicking on your site, reading your content, considering a purchase, then clicking to that purchase. No phone contact at all!
Best to you.