I love this WA community. The help, the support, the willingness of people to contribute to the learning and development of others
However, I'm a little conflicted. I must be selfish. I think I have valuable experience (more offline marketing) that could be of some use to neophyte internet marketers but I have no idea how writing internal WA blog posts and creating course benefits me. I'm doing reasonably well for myself financially but I'm no multimillionaire which tells me that I should be dedicating the majority of my time and energy to income producing activity. I want to get more involved with the community but I can't see how this will benefit me at this moment in time other than lowering my rank score. I hate to be negative but I feel like I am missing something. Is it possible to earn affiliate cash credits as a contributor to the community? Are there any other benefits other than altruistic ones - if there aren't I'll continue to add value to the wider world via my blog but I just thought I would ask.

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brandonacox Premium
Jonny, I had a similar concern, but you'll notice at the top of every post you create, there is an affiliate button. I've found this to be like another blog for me. I write for other websites and then here, I write a daily post about online business, then share the affiliate link across my various social platforms to invite people here to learn.

And after you've been a member for three months, you can then create courses and those courses become a product for you to offer as an incentive for people to join WA. When they do, you're granted not just a commission on the sale, but a recurring commission as long as they renew.
JonnySofa Premium
Great response. Thanks - makes a lot of sense.