Two domain names were put in my cart, the second one was a mistake. Contacted live chat to remove the unwanted one but no response. I had to go and purchase another domain name from Namecheap because I could not pay for what I did not need. This is disappointing because I always got a response within two minutes of contacting their lie chat at Namecheap. I want the two domain names in my cart to be removed so that next time I will not be hindered to buy from WA. Thank you.

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Joezout Premium
Site support at WA always responds to me quickly, are you certain you contacted the WA site support through the proper channels, go to the Help Center.
TonyHamilton Premium
Did you contact SiteSupport at Idowu my Friend?
ChrystopherJ Premium
Live Chat at WA is for and run by Members only. You need to contact SiteSupport for a query such as that, or message Kyle/Carson directly.