Hello, I hope you are well,
I have a connection problem with WA login page. After entering my email and password and pressing the login button, nothing happens. apparently, the login button is disabled. And now I only have access to WA via email links. Can you please see what the problem is?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi many people are effected, hopefully a fix soon.

Hi I'd recommend emptying cache refreshing and try again or try in a different browser or mobile device.
If you have "Automatically log me in from links in email notifications" turned on, then from your email inbox associated with your WA account, click on any link, you'd be logged in.
That can be set up from within
If all else fails you may reset email or contact support
But now you are logged in, you can ask a question.
Shativo1 Premium
Thank you very much Abie AJ, but unfortunately, I can't connect with Mobil either.
Do you know if my question is forwarded to the support site?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Site support can help with maintaining out sites not the platform, but hopefully a fix soon.
Shativo1 Premium
Thank you so much.