When getting started with Internet marketing it's easy to get overwhelmed because there are all kinds of new bits of information coming at you. Whether you are new to Wealthy Affiliate, or have been with us for some time, there are always times when you can find yourself overwhelmed. Here are some steps to help: 1 - Focus: Do your best to focus on one thing at a time. We have well over 1000 training tutorials, video's, and courses here at WA and they can all greatly benefit you...but not all at the same time. Get started with the "Getting Started" Level 1 Certification course. Try to focus on learning how Internet marketing works and where YOU fit within the process of making money online. 2 - Trash the distractions: Trash all of those emails that you get daily from outside sources. People telling you that you'll get rich overnight, try this Shiny Object over here, try this Shiny Object over there. If you stop listening to 100 different sources, then you will be able to concentrate on what you are learning here at WA. 3 - Take your time: As soon as you start skipping steps and rushing things you will begin to get overwhelmed. We do our best to lay out the training to help you in a logical, and methodical manner. Rushing through your training will lead to all kinds of bad things.. slow and steady wins the race. 4 - Do not be afraid to try: Do not to be afraid of the unknown because the best way to learn is to tackle things head on. Does the word "website" freak you out? If so, go right ahead and build your first one. How about "keyword research", or "niche". These are aspects of Internet marketing that you will learn to LOVE but when you are just getting started they can be scary topics. 5 - Do not be shy, just ask: Ask for help. This is the #1 most important thing to remember when getting started at Wealthy Affiliate. We have a community unlike any other in the world where we encourage questions to be asked freely. There is no such thing as a bad question. It's very common for folks to feel like they need to know a certain amount about Internet marketing before they can ask a question. This could not be further from the truth, asking questions and getting answers to those questions is very powerful and it can lead directly to huge success. To recap, my 5 tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed are: Focus Eliminate distractions Take your time Have courage to try Do not be shy Here's to your success! Carson
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Getting distracted is so easy for me =( then I procrastinate for awhile before getting the courage to return to where I left off. It's such a struggle for me, one that I know I have to overcome. I love this new way you and Kyle have brought to teaching us newbies. I intend to get to work and make good use of every bit of it.

I have also been following Affilorama but those guys have nothing on you two plus they cost alot to join their Premium membership. Thanks again for making it easier to become successful =)
Carson Premium
Hey there Mary,

I am happy to hear that you like what you see so far in regards to the WA Classrooms platform that we have built.

Kyle and I focus very heavily on using technology to deliver a training platform that is easy to use and understand. It has taken us 7 years and many iterations of the platform to build what you now see before you.

Other programs do not evolve, and they rarely improve things for their members. We truly have every single member's best interest in the forefront of every update that we make. The better the WA platform is, the easier it is to learn...and ultimately succeed in running a successful online business.

Thanks for the feedback!
CAM76 Premium
I definitely suffer from "distraction attraction" and I have often started a new IM project without finishing the previous one. Some of that stuff might have worked if I would have stuck with it :-)

This time the Certification Course is keeping me on track and I'm sure the Classrooms will help as well.

Thanks a lot guys!
Carson Premium
Hey Clarisse, great to hear that you have been able to stay focused with the Certification training. This dedication will lead to many successes in Internet marketing.

If you have questions on any of the specific training, feel free to ask your questions within the training its self, or here in Classrooms and you will be sure to get the answers you are after.

sammikay Premium
Great Observation Carson! I think one of the biggest reasons that Newbie's give up on WA is due to overwhelm! I always mention this to them when they start. Take one step at a time, do not get overwhelmed, and ask for help when needed. I love it that you mentioned having courage to try! So many Seniors or new computer users feel inept in trying anything new or intimidating. I spoke with one woman that did not know how to "cut and paste" Never take for granted that folks understand our lingo or understand how to do a simple task online.

To sum it up- Make training as simple and streamlined as possible. Have you thought about having the Training listed in red on the Main Menu, and maybe using a larger font? That way it will be crystal clear as to where to start:)

Thanks for listening:)
reefswimmer Premium
wonderful comment, I think. I can remember some years back, when I asked a friend to show me how to copy/paste. Asking the question was so freeing, because I asked a person who would not ridicule me, and the technique he showed me was (of course) incredibly simple as soon as you have done it just once.

Likewise, how to attach a file to an email. I can remember being so afraid that doing such a thing would be so difficult ! Then i asked a friend...so easy.

I have learned so many "little" things at WA. I have many friends here. For me, it's the tutorials. Authors of tutorials make such a huge contribution here.

and one of these days I will start contributing my own tutorials----and I bet I will find that it's a process that is pretty easy too.
ToddT182 Premium
#1 took me the longest to realize, staying focused on what I set out to learn is where I have a hard time. It can be so easy to get knocked off the path you should be on only to spend hours on some thing that didn't deserve 10 minutes!
nathaniell Premium
Yes. Focus is difficult. Not just focusing on what you need to do next, but with the entire internet at your finger tips, it's easy to start uploading some videos to YouTube, only to end up spending 40 minutes watching a bunch of rubbish.
Carson Premium
I agree Todd, it's staying focused is one of the toughest thing to do. Getting pulled in a million different directions not only will overwhelm you, it will prevent you from moving forward and ultimately from succeeding.

In the Internet marketing world, if I could cut out all of the needless "chatter" that is out there for all WA Members, then we would see every single member achieving success.

Classrooms here at WA give people the ability to focus because we have organization of our training and discussions. Anyone who wants to focus on a particular subject or topic, can now do so.
Adi2008 Premium
Top tips Carson.