i am not able to login to the site manager to build up the website could you please let me know if the servers are down ?

thank you

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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
I suggest creating a hosting support ticket here:


You can also find this within the SiteRubix menu under the "SiteSupport"(to the left). This is where you should go if you ever have loading issues with your website, email issues, plugin/theme issues, or if you accidentally do something that adversely impacts your website.

This support is 24/7 and upon submitting your ticket we will look into it right away Nazila!
Nazila12 Premium
Thanks Kyle I am trying to go through the site runic but still dose the same thing and I was wonder at my site manager my google index still stand on No
Could you please let me know we're should I change that ?
Thank you
jtaienao Premium
Hope you got this resolved Nazila. As far as you site being indexed by google, it may take a few days to up to a week to get indexed. Did you just go live with your website?