Hello... I tried to cancel my account before it renewed, and I think it didn't go through and I was billed $299 again. Could you please cancel and give me a refund. I'm getting out of the internet business and no longer want to do this. Can you help?

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keishalina9 Premium
*** hey Andy -- sorry to see you wanting to leave -- however it is your choice .... Diane's got a good reply for you .... all the best to you for your future and should you change your mind, you'd be welcomed back! ... :) ***
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - to cancel your account, go to your profile photo, click on account settings and membership. Click cancel billing. Only you can do this, nobody else can cancel your subscription.

By signing up to premium, you agreed to automatic, recurring payments as per the terms and conditions of this platform, and there are no refunds.

However, if you believe you have good cause, you need to offer your explanation to Kyle, by adding a message on his profile page. Only he can make this decision.