It occurred to me that I meet so many interesting and diversified people here at Wealthy Affiliate and that got me wondering,

How Did We All Decide On WA?

We are from all over the world, from all walks of life and somehow we found something in common. We all have the very same passion and unending belief that WE CAN DO IT!

For me, it took many learning lessons and years of experience to learn that I needed to stop chasing my tail aound in circles and get help. Not to say that I was not actively learning something all the time, I was!

Not quick enough, I needed support, from not only tutorials but from active users with similar issues who I could brainstorm with when I was stuck. I was spending most of my time trying to figure out how to apply basic functions.

When we spend time on ourselves and what we want, we somehow almost feel guilty about taking it from some other aspect of our lives, family, friends, making money for now and so on.

The sooner I enabled myself with a solid training program and became active in the Live Chat community platform, I began to grow!

So now you know why I put down my roots here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Whats your story?

Wishing us all great success,


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IvyT Premium
Hi Gloria,

I can offer a few reasons:

Optimising a blog for search engines and getting good rankings is an important way for me to reach all the right research subjects I will be writing about in my PhD. WA teaches the nuts and bolts of doing that very well, and the monetising of blogs that follows is just icing on the cake.

My husband already has an online presence for his career by way of peer-reviewed sites and mainstream media. They're well-visited. But he doesn't own these, and he doesn't have any kind of personal outreach. Learning to build a blog around his existing career will help with that.

We both already have nice day jobs with agreeable incomes. But the work that we both already do is capable of finding a 'next level' with the principles that WA teaches.

If I were only paying for the site hosting and editing tools, WA would offer enough value for money for me. But we also have community, education, and awesome tech support in addition to all this! If everything else I currently pay for online dropped away, WA would be the only thing I hang on to.
gdarni Premium
Morning, Ivy

Sorry I missed your response last night!

It sounds like you and your husband are at the place in life that you will be moving to the next level. More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of an online presence no matter what field you choose in life.

There are many of us that are ready to start using our efforts to build something for ourselves. When it hits us that our own abilities are making someone else rich, it almost hurts!

No matter how we all got to Wealthy Affiliate, I know it changes lives. We learn the ability to take control of our future!

Good luck on your journey to your Ph.D., very glad to have you on my network!

IvyT Premium
Hey, thanks Gloria! It's so nice to have the encouragement of good people.

There is a lot to learn, but I really like that so much of what's offered is readily transferable to other kinds of skills and functions.

Our kids are also soaking it all up - our interest in e-comm services and courses began with our eldest taking an interest in e-comm for her school project. And here we all are, today. :)
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Gloria, I was looking for somethig that would challenge my mind, that I could do anywhere and make crazy money, money that I could use to do what I wanted to do. tried several other things, e.g. surveys, and a few other online business proposals that turned out to be scams. I was researching one of those when I came across Wealthy Affiliate (WA). The reviews were very positive and signing up was free. The rest is history.
gdarni Premium
Hi, Harvey

It all comes down to the research and learning how many scams there really are online. It takes time to weed through all the Crap.

I try now see these efforts as a waste of time, with each scam I learned what not to do. When I found Wealthy Affiliate, I knew from past experience what I should be looking for, what I needed to get from any program that I would join!

Bam, and here I am.

No more looking, no more worrying, just working towards my future at my own pace!

Thanks for sharing,

WillMills Premium
Hi Gloria! I discovered WA through some old blog post when I was surfing the web. I was looking for resources that helped with creating your own website with the eventual goal of creating a stream of side income in the process.

I knew that I needed some help getting started and WA seemed like a perfect fit. The community is probably provides the most value. Just having other people who are going through the same thing as yourself can be such a great resource.

As I continue to build out my site, I'm trying to learn more each day and become more active on the WA platform in general. Thank you for sharing and good luck!

gdarni Premium
Hey, Will

It is great when we can have access to like-minded individuals that are not competing with each other. They simply want to help with achieving our goals.

For me, the worst part of any position that I been in is the constant competition for advancement. Friends cutting each other's throat for a very little monetary betterment.

Well, no more my friends,

Together we will succeed,

WHearn Premium
My membership began with a search for ways to improve my own existing site. I was tired of paying someone to work on my site to do the things that I didn't know how to do - only to have them screw it up!!

So, while looking for a solution to a certain thing I wanted to do on my site, I stumbled upon a WA member's site that led me here.

Once I saw how thorough (and simple) the training was, and realized just how helpful the other WA members were, signing up for the Premium membership was a no brainer. It took about 30 minutes for me to join.

Although I have only been using what I can learn here for my own site, I am now seriously thinking of creating a "money making site", as many here have, that will bring me a residual income.

Thanks for asking. Hope you have a great many responses!
gdarni Premium
Well, I know it helps me and I know it will help others!

Many thanks for taking time out of what I know is a busy schedule to indulge my curiosity.

We have similar stories on other websites providers and how they milk every dime and Never provide knowledge on how to make necessary upgrades with our growth. They simply want to play on your fear of Technology.

Well, it stops here my friends!

Thanks for telling it like it is,

Successful is our family,

Team Wealthy,

akollor123 Premium
Hello Gloria,

I came and or joined Wealthy Affiliate solely because it has what I was looking for that I could not find anywhere else in the world. I have at my disposal all that I really need to facilitate my learning and growth, i.e the training, resources and the support channel any given day.

In a nutshell I am and will be here from everlasting to everlasting no matter what the circumstance. Brighter future lies ahead, let's go fetch it!

Success To All Of Your,

gdarni Premium
So excited to hear from you, Sidney

We will conquer!

There is strength in numbers!

Strenght in cumulative knowledge!


Thanks for sharing such perfect insight!

Success is ours,