Is there a way to re-watch a training video you already seen?

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Jadatherapy Premium
Hi Doug i see that you have your answer already and hope that you are now able to re watch the training videos.
AlexM07 Premium
Yes sir. In your dash board go to --> Training --> Training Activity--> Select The Course You want to re-watch and click play on the videos. If you are still unable to watch it and believe that it may be due to a technical error feel free to contact support. Hope this helps.
Karin13 Premium
For sure! I have watched several of them multiple times. I am actually going through the training again on a second, third and fourth site i am working on.

Best Wishes,
Karin :)
Foobard Premium
If you look on the left menu of your screen, click the Training link. Then you can navigate to the lesson you would like to re-watch. There are a few I have watched several times.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Doug
Yes as many times as you need to
Go to live events and you will 100's in there to watch and learn from
All the best moving forward
Eli47 Premium
Yes, just go back to that page and rewatch it.