I still have a siterubix domain name, I was wanting to see if I could get traffic with this before purchasing a domain. What do you think?

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Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Eloise,

The short answer to your question is. "yes". There are individuals on the platform here that are using "siterubix.com, sub-domains" and making money with them.

Getting ranked in Google and drawing traffic to your website are two different aspects of affiliate marketing. While you can get ranked for any blog that you submit to your website this does not mean it will draw traffic to your website.

Additionally, that does not mean Google will show you any kindness and rank you on the first five pages (depending on how competitive your niche is).

The training does show other ways besides SEO for free organic traffic, or using Social media, for directing traffic to your website and there are many ways not discussed within the training also.

So are you wanting to get ranked" Or are you wanting to get traffic to your website?

I hope this helps!

Dale123 Premium
From a technical standpoint you can "appear" in Google search... And with LOTS of effort you could potentially gain some sort of decent rankings...

But basically it would be like trying to play tennis with a baseball bat instead of a tennis racket. It's possible, but you simply wouldn't do it because you'd be making life much harder for yourself than it needs to be.
LouiseBT Premium
Hi Eloise
You absolutely can! Just follow the SEO training within Wealthy Affiliate and you will rank. We are blessed with the training we have here.

I went with a siterubix domain name before buying a domain, it's no problem at all. In fact, I have noticed that some of the very experienced affiliates within WA use siteruix sites to test new ideas, themes etc.

Louise x
Matthuk Premium
any page can rank in google.
megawinner Premium
H! Eloise. Yes you can.