Hi guys, this question is for research purposes to make sure I am providing the correct information on my website. I have read somewhere that you can not monetize free wordpress websites. Is this the case for the free websites that come in the started packages? thanks

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nathaniell Premium
The free sites on WA are absolutely able to make money. Check out this post form Dom with some great traffic stats: Any website with traffic can make money!

I originally thought you can't use affiliate links on Wordpress but can use Adsense, but I was wrong. It's the opposite!


But restrictions are tight, and you cannot promote "work from home" opportunities.

With siterubix, you are totally allowed to promote affiliate offers, and you cannot use Adsense because you don't own the Siterubix main domain. Siterubix is also going to have more relaxed rules with advertising because Kyle and Carson know that newbies are still learning, and are trying to learn how to do proper affiliate link placement with their content.
Jaxon5 Premium
No you can make with the free website, if you can get it ranked in google !

Due to the .siterubix at the end of the domain google wont recognize as much the authority therefor making it harder to be on the first page.

However it is not impossible, and you defiantly can make money on the free one, but again without the training it will make this unnecessarily more difficult.
Vic10 Premium
Thanks Jaxon5, :)
Thischick Premium
Hi there,

The blogging platform we use here is from Wordpress.org which is the form of WordPress blogging software that allows us to self-host our own sites. This lets us do what we like with our sites such as host them here at WA or anywhere else we like such as Hostgator or Bluehost. We also get to monetize our blogs any way we see fit. Hooray for Wordpress.org :)

Wordpress.com is hosted by Wordpress themselves and there are rules to follow in regards to what advertising they allow you to put on your blogs because they are the boss in the end.There was a time when you couldn't monetize a Wordpress.com blog in any way shape or form. Bloggers there had to make do with blogging with them for free in exchange for not having to pay the price to host their own sites.

So can you make money using websites here in the starter pack? You absolutely can.

However, having said that it's best to have your site on your own domain as it will be found and indexed by Google faster than a Siterubix domain. Why? Because your website domain will be a subdomain of Siterubix and takes a bit longer for Google to get around to indexing it.

It will happen of course, just not as quickly as with your own domain name which requires a premium account here at WA.

I hope that answers your questions.

Vic10 Premium
Thanks Lori, thats great info - exactly what I was looking for! youre great :)