I want it to do with technology, as I am fascinated by it. Problem is, A LOT of sites do technology affiliate programs ( even things like vacuums) and the competition would probably just smoke me. So I was wondering if you can help me think of a niche about technology where there wouldn't be much competition ( so no phones, tablets, computer parts, other popular things)

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WilsonP Premium
Hello, I have looked at some of the other members replies and I think they've covered everything. My input is simply don't jump into the deep end straight away. Start in the shallow end and actually choose something that you know, like and able to write about. You might even cover something in that niche that nobody else has. If you are trying to find a niche that nobody has, I think you will find that very difficult.
While you are developing that niche, you can spend some time on researching technology possibilities. Good Luck
webcash2us Premium
You should consider the fact that you need to know about the technology niche as you will be producing an abundant amount of content based on that niche.

You should select your niche based on what you know about and find it easy to talk about because of that knowledge. Selecting a niche because it's fascinating is all well and good but the amount of research you will be doing for lack of knowledge will be a lot.

The information you provide your readers should be excellent and valid information that can help the reader looking at your site.
There are some affiliate programs that deal with only digital media and that can include PDF books, videos, images, etc...

Two affiliate platforms that deal with digital technology only content are Clickbank and JVZoo, both have many well paid affiliate offers on certain products. I did a training tutorial on affiliate marketing program types that may be of use for you. I also wrote a blog post on that might help you.
Xestes Premium
What part of technology fascinates you the most? Medical technology, autonomous tech, or maybe entertainment tech? Sometimes when I'm having trouble finding a Niche, I make a chart.

List the niches you think you would like. Then rate them on a scale of 1-10 based on your interest in the topic. Then do keyword research for each one and rate those results 1-10. I personally would do a weighted average giving 60% value to my interest in the topic and the other 40% to the keyword research.

So. If Mecial technology is most interesting to me, I rate it a 10. After doing some keyword research I find many great topics with low competition so I rate it an 8.

Let's say for autonomous tech I rate my interest a 7 and keyword research a 10.
For entertainment tech, we'll say its a 9 for interest and a 6 for keyword research.

At this point, you should get what I'm going for. We're gonna average these metrics we use to gauge a Niche's viability. There can be other things you use to gauge a Niche's viability other than your interest and the competitive landscape, those are just my two bare minimum recommendations.

I'm gonna do a weighted average. So, math hat on. This isn't too hard.

MT= Medical Tech - AT= Autonomous Tech - ET= Extra Terrestrial (joking, Entertainment Tech)

MT -> .6(10) + .4(8) = 9.2
AT -> .6(7) + .4(10) = 8.2
ET -> .6(9) + .4(6) = 7.8

Ok, numbers. But what do they mean? We have done a weighted average on different metrics involved with picking a Niche. We have weighed more heavily on our interest in the topic more than the keyword research. That is completely up to you if you'd rather weight the keyword research more heavily.

According to our metrics and how we value these metrics, It seems we should invest our time into the medical technology niche. This can be done in any niche if you're having trouble deciding which way you should direct your efforts. At least you're gaining confidence in the niche you pick because you've done some preliminary research into your potential business.

Hope this helps!
feigner Premium
you could look at the newer tech coming through - robot lawnmowers- robot vcuums - smart homes
use google treds to fid a few new areas you could work with
but choosing the right ones will take some research
what about choosing products that are popular now and coentrating on micro niches now and expand in the future - see what the bigger sites are doing - what is not being answered and answer it .
good luck with it however you tackle it - all you need to do is to choose a selling point that has not really been highlighted
valentukis Premium
Exactly what I'm thinking, problem is finding that micro niche, that thing that hasn't been highlighted. Everything I think of there are like 15 sites covering it
feigner Premium
but have they covered it in depth
can you think of other things that could be covered.
competition is good and high competition means lots of traffic
so start putting your articles in the traffic stream and see if you can catch something.
can you combine things into something else - a new spin on it.
it is positive that there are a number of sites on it.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Also remember how many people are on the web. The last I looked was 4.5 billion. So, even with the number of websites covering your niche, there is still a huge potential out there.
IAnum1 Premium
How about how-to tech topics and monetise with ads.