Can we talk?

What causes you to want to converse with someone?

Do you think, "I would like to converse with this person because of what?"

- This person seems interesting.

- They seem to have something of Value to offer.

- They don't seem to be trying to "Get-Me" with alliterative motives.

- They don't waste my time with "Small-Talk" or "Chit-Chat".

When you consume some good content, do you wonder if they are really just trying to "Get-You"?

Is a mutually beneficial reciprocity relationship a possible, desirable result?

What do you say when someone says to you: "How are you?" Does that mean they want to converse but they don't have a topic? To control the topic of conversation, what should you reply? In most cases, their favorite topic is their-self which is great if you want to learn about them.

Do "Donation Request" work?

Is it more Valuable to discover the Solution to a known Problem or to discover the Solution to a Problem

that you were unaware you had?

When you find someone that you want to converse with, what format do you prefer… email, phone, Skype or what? I like Skype because the Text-Replies are immediate & you have to choice of converting to voice. Instead of just asking for their Name & Email, maybe we should also ask for their Skype-Username.

Do you find any of this interesting & can you elaborate on it? Maybe we could converse. Maybe we could form a group. Would that be something of interest?

Frequently, I get "Contact-Request" on Skype but if I don't know who they are or anything about them, I don't accept their request (because of spammers). It's best to add a comment to identify yourself & why you want to make contact. Say something like: "I read you post & would like to converse".

If you want to connect with me on Skype, my Skype user-name is: WallyK

Can we talk?

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Loes Premium
Before you walk into someone's life, you should have to ask yourself first, do I have something to give?
KatieMac Premium
I agree,, if I want to converse with someone on a business level it is because I have a question or need advice , but would ask when it suits them.. I would probably setup my skype again