Hi Kyle...So far I've really enjoyed the videos and learning process. I'd like to know how WA can help me in the future. I have a 6GB site called Thriveafter50.com. Long story short, it's an authoritative website that I found out after blogging for a couple of years that I didn't know how to make money on. I teamed up with a company called Income Store that guaranteed returns of 18% yearly, payable in monthly sums. It went bankrupt 4 years after I joined. I lost 45K but others lost over 1 million dollars. Over 100 employees lost their jobs overnight.

Over 700 websites have been tied up in the courts since the end of 2019 when this happened. I decided to not participate in the lawsuit but rather get my website back. It was just returned. What I do know is that I cannot make this website happen on my own. I need a team. That's why I joined WA.

This website MUST make money. It is geared to the 50+ age group. My plan is to have downloadable products (I may venture into "hard" products in the future but right now I need to have it make money) in Health & Wellness, Relationship Advice, Travel, Personal Growth, and Fashion. I wish to restructure my website, package products, and deliver weekly newsletters with links to Clickbank or to affiliate programs that serve the above mentioned areas. Personally I have over 60 videos in the fitness market that I'd like to package and sell as products. Problem is, I don't know how to do this. Does WA offer this type of support?

My website has a whole slew of plugins that I don't know what they do. Can WA help me delete or add new ones that may more beneficial? Does WA offer this type of support?

I have many more questions but lets start here. Thank you Kyle for taking the time to answer this question.

Glenn Baja
Founder, ThriveAfter50.com

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