I have trouble finding appropriate image, and the mechanics of downloading, uploading and inserting them in posts for my website.

I also have trouble finding them after downloading them. Help.

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Joezout Premium
Well 5TH dimension certainly gave you some great WA answers.
ELangley1 Premium
Thanks, Joe.
5thDimension Premium
Hopefully this is helpful:

1) Downloading:

When working on your website (as opposed to creating a blog on WA where you can choose images while composing the blog), the images you select will be coming from a file on your computer created by downloading the image from an outside source of royalty-free images, say Unsplash or Pexels or even your own collection of photos.

If you are using a Windows operating system, the download will show on the left lower portion of your screen. You can click on this to open it, locate where it says "file", click this and select "save as"; a screen will pop up that allows you to both title the photograph and choose the destination folder on the bar below the title (say, pictures). The default destination folder for downloads on Windows is the downloads folder (the photographs you mentioned you have not been able to locate may be found there). It is helpful to rename them and change the destination folder to pictures or create a new folder specifically for your Website images to make them easier to locate when you are ready to upload them onto your website.

2) Uploading

a) While in Site Content (before publishing to your website)

You can upload photos while in Site Content (by clicking on the photograph icon of the tool bar, which will give you the option to upload) before you publish your post, or you can add the photos later, when the article is published by editing from your back office.
Always make sure to update your post after inserting a photograph or it won't capture.

b) Uploading while in the back office of your Website

If editing while in the back office of your website you can add photos to your blogs in one of two ways.

On the dashboard, you will see Media"...click on this and you will see an option to upload. When you click upload, your PC files will come into view as a pop-up and you will select the destination folder where you have stored your pictures to select from there. Uploading images this way makes them available in a media library that you can later use when editing your blog. You can skip that step, though, and upload directly into your blog while editing (any uploaded images into the post will be added into the media library automatically).

Adding photos while you are editing you post, locate the place where you wish to insert the photograph, click "add media" which is above the toolbar and it will give you the option to upload or choose from you media library. When you click upload, your PC files will come into view and you will select the destination folder where you have stored your pictures to select from there. Once the image is uploaded, you will have the option to resize it and move it to left, center or right of the text of your post.

If you have to re-position it, simply click on it, press the x and it is deleted, re-position the cursor to where you wish to place it and when you click add media again, you will notice that your photo is still uploaded and available as part of your media library.

Always remember to update the post before closing out of the editing feature and your photo should be there when you view your website.

As for finding the appopriate image, there is a great article on free images for downloading with the appropriate licensing information (what can be used, altered without violating copywriting, etc.) here:


Hope that helps!
ELangley1 Premium
Wow! Thanks for the detailed explanation. I guess my biggest problem will be building an image library. I will start with the link you provided and go on from there. I am forever grateful.
5thDimension Premium
You are most certainly welcome!
lucbizz Premium
When downloading them , add them to a folder you created before " images(websitename)" then you find them easily back :-)
to add them to your blog post this might help you :
ELangley1 Premium
Thanks so much Luc. This is very helpful.
Ad-and-Em Premium
I use canva or pixabay for my images. I download these and save them on my computer under a file that I have created for WA, and then load them in the appropriate place on my post.
I am not sure if this answers your question?
ELangley1 Premium
Thanks for the helpful information. I will follow you and wish you the best.