just wanted to see if it is possible to have someone read through your written content and give feedback before it is published

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Aristides03 Premium
The only thing i recommend is checking spelling and grammar. you can use Grammarly or the tab integrated in the content creation section.
Tomcat03 Premium
Thank you, I definitely use the grammar and spell check
Triblu Premium
Hey Catherine,

No one except those with your Wordpress username and password can see your content until AFTER you publish it.

You do not have to be shy. It's not like the world is sitting there waiting to read what you've written, thus you will have time to receive feedback.

Once you DO publish your content, you can ask for feedback in two areas here at WA:
1.) 2.) https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/website-feedback (see screen print to see how to readily access this option).

Hope this helps you.
Tomcat03 Premium
hello and thankyou, I guess I am a bit shy, I could also do a little more research, but thankyou for replying and yes you have helped me, greatly appreciated