I already created one free website, but i want to delete and start over after some brainstorming, the new idea i came up with is something i can relate to more and also a greater increase in promotions. so can i delete the first free website and start a new one without losing it?

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DNTL Premium
Hi! Yes you can :) and it won't penalize you; you'll still have 2 websites available . You can start over with the 1st and have the 2nd for another niche or WA promoting later on.
KatieMac Premium
yes you can delete and start over, if your not a premium member you are allowed two free websites you can keep the one you have and just start another it allows for two, if premium you can have as many as you like
CharlotteH39 Premium
thank you katieMac...i want to delete the one i started after considering the fact of how involved i have to be with my niche, the one i created will not be much benefit to me nor my audience b/c i dont know much about the subject. I want to as involved as possible with my niche; responsive, knowledgeable in that specific area and helpful to my audience. thank you again for your response and advice :)
reesejacobs Premium
Hi katiemac...thank you for confirming this...this is what I attempted to do before googled crashed on me a couple of days ago...then when I did I apparently deleted the wrong theme because it was blank..(.WA has since restored it)..but after I finally got it the way I wanted... So now I want to delete and start afresh but it will not allow me to....I was advised to uncheck the plug ins to restore the one I was working on which I haven't attempted yet....I'm under the weather at the moment but hope to feel better in a few days..but can you point me to a tutorial that'll show me how.. Correctly? Or give a step by step? Also..I'm premium is it better to do the premium web? I was working with the free site. My apologies for such a long inquiry...