Can I empty existing content on website of my own domain and transfer the content of a Siterubix domain into the emptied site?

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Pisquali Premium
Yes, just copy your siterubix to your new domain.
sirgabbi1 Premium
YEs u can
PIOFJR Premium
If You transfer the content only from site rubix to your empty existing domain of your own will duplicate content as I understand. Unless otherwise you move all your rubix site to a new domain name you own won't be a problem .. I am not so sure. Let us see what other experience input to this topic.
AGrenouille Premium
Yup you can do so it will transfer all the siterbix site and it's content to the domain name you have purchase. you just have to go to the manager in siterbix and click the move icon just below the site image preview. it's blue with two arrows and it's done in a couple of seconds =^-^=
AngelsBird Premium

Yes that is perfectly possible, you take the option move from the rubix site and then select new domain (the one you have cleaned) and after that the content will be moved from the rubix domain to your domain..