As far as pictures for my website. Can I just download pictures from google and put it on my website? What about copywrites?

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Atlas782 Premium
No you just simply do it this because of copyright law what I've been doing is go to Google images and click on tools and choose creative common licenses then you will see many image that have licensable tag at the bottom left corner of the image you can use these for free wish you luck👍✨
jghwebbrand Premium
No you cannot just down load images from Google Assume they are copywrited.

You can get free images from Site content. Create a temporary post add images you wish to use, publish post, see images in Wordpress Media Library then trash your "temporary post. can be used.
ALSO bING.COM/IMAGES TOP Fare right see filter then License in top center. You can use those with "free to use or share commercially or free to modify and share commercially.

You can also use images from manufacturers site if you are marketing their products. You can also do a WA menu bar search (spy glass) "free images or royalty free images
equalaccess Premium Plus
I would not download pictures from Google most of the content on google is copyrighted. The last thing you want to do is to have your website or your marketing shut down. Go to You can download free pictures from that site and rest assured that you will be shut down.
bazboy247 Premium Plus
Absolutely not you will land in trouble if you do this

If you go to the site content feature on here you have access to over 1 Million free images
There are people out there looking for anybody that uses their images so they can sue you for thousands
Don't download images unless you have the copywrite permission to do so

Arlettie Premium
Thank you. I greatly appreciate your input.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - no, you can't, all images have to be copyright-free, otherwise, you can be subject to legal action. This post lists some sites you can obtain images from.