There is currently a website already installed at but I tried to install a new website on the "Domain I Own", but it says that I will need to delete the existing website first.
So I wish to delete the current website but I can't find the means how or where to do such.
Any help?

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AD2018 Premium
Follow this guide if you wish to delete your Siterubix: You can also move your new .com domain to your current Siterubix so you won't need to delete it.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi please see response on bellow link
AbieAJ Premium Plus
If your dot com is hosted here

You may go to

Choose a domain you own.

Enter credentials and follow procedure.

If not hosted here yet, please see link above.
FStub Premium
It is hosted here and I found a place to delete the website, which I did but it says I should wait for the deletion to be completed before installing the website to domain I own.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Right I'd submit a ticket to site support

Choose yes, not listed and other.