Hi fellow WA:s!
I already have a domain and wonder if I can import it to WA and then use WA as normal with SEO, keywords, page setup etc?
Can I then (if I ever sell the domain for instance) "disconnect" it from WA again? Preferably I can edit the page directly in Wordpress if this happends, but keep the pages, SEO, plugins etc that I have used in WA? What is the best way to go about this?

Appreciate your help!

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Yes You, CAN! Great answers below!

AbieAJ Premium
Hi, you can either transfer your domains to WA

or keep them with your current registrar however changing the DNS name servers to:

ns1 . mywahosting . com
ns2 . mywahosting . com
SannaW Premium
Great help! Thank you!
ChrystopherJ Premium
You can Transfer a Domain Name to and from WA, yes.

You will want to change the Nameservers first to do this, and you can keep the domain name with the current Registrar if you prefer.

These tips might help you
SannaW Premium
Amazing help! Thank you very much!