I already have a Google Plus account, which unfortunately doesn't see much activity from my primary website. However, I want to activate it now as per Lesson 9 but I am not sure whether I can host two separate websites from the same Google Plus account and if so, how do I manage it.

I appreciate your insights.


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gjrs Premium
Thanks for asking the question Chuka.
hayhurstpaul Premium
Depending on the niches you are in, it may be worth setting up a second google + account. Eg if you want to promote yourself as someone recommending accomodation, then you can use a google + account to build your reputation in this. You wouldn't necessarily then want to be promoting yourself as something else eg an affiliate marketer on the same google plus account as this may harm your reputation as an expert in accomodation.
Loes Premium
You can add multiple websites to your space on G+ as contributor of on your profile
chuka Premium
Thank you Loes.