Hey kyle,

Hope you are doing well. I am writing this message to share my website development and progress so far and seek your personal advice and suggestions.
I started my WA journey more than 2 years ago. I regret spending my first few months not taking this online business too seriously.
I got involved in the training aspects and website building for the last 1 year or so. I am currently concentrating only on one website that deals in the MMO niche. I have been constantly putting content on my website and has more than 270 posts and counting.
I make sure to write and publish at least 5 posts a week. My website progress is very encouraging looking at the GA and GSC statistics. As per GSC, the average position of my website is nearing 45 which was more than 70 six months ago. Although, the daily visitors are not more than 10 per day but I am optimistic that it will grow gradually in the coming months.

My social media involvement is the bare minimum. I ensure to share every post on Pinterest and Keen but do not remain too engaged on these platforms.
Although, creating backlinks is not part of WA training but this is the one thing that always remains on the back of my mind when I see the slow progress of my website.

Are the above two shortcomings concerning? Do I look for ways to generate backlinks for my website? Is my website progress appropriate? Is my content creation strategy correct? What are the other factors should I consider to increase my website traffic and improve conversions?

I know you keep too busy but providing your personal advice and expert suggestions on the above questions can be helpful and motivating for me to continue building my website.

Here is my website URL: https://homerichentrepreneurs.com/

Thanks & Regards
Mohammed Arif

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I ran your website through the Ubersuggest tool. The number of keywords you are ranking for is on a steady increase. In September, you were ranking for 325 keywords. In December, you were ranking for 704 keywords.

However, of these, only 10 keywords were on the first page of Google. It may be worth looking at some of your older posts to see if they could be improved. Take a look at your competitors on page 1, and see why they are ranking above you. Is your information up to date?

You currently have 390 backlinks from 78 different domains, so your content is being shared. This is the best way to obtain backlinks, by writing content that other websites think is good enough to share.
arifshaikh27 Premium
Hi Diane,
Really appreciate your efforts in analyzing my website rankings and backlinks.
I am definitely planning to improve my old posts as part of increasing visibility and rankings for my website.
Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Your site looks awesome and very professional!
Content super!

You put a lot of effort and expertise in your site.

Affiliate marketing thrives on numbers...
SEO needs to be perfect with appropriate keywords
(jaaxy research tool) so,your content always ranks high.
This might be a hurdle.

Perhaps you also need to concentrate more on marketing conversion methods (landing pages, subscription blocks)
It took me a while to find a theme builder that did so.
Still in trial with this one, since it is high standard.

Hope this helps a litlle
Wishing you all the best
arifshaikh27 Premium
Hi Fleeky,
Thanks for sharing your feedback on my website. Will definitely consider your suggestions.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Content is king
And yours is AWESOME

Good luck with the remarketing!
CountessCtry Premium
I am currently working on MMO I post 3 times a week, but looking at your visitors stats it needs be more may be five times more. I continue writing content and sharing to social media.
Thank you.
arifshaikh27 Premium
Thanks for the suggestion. I will plan and increase my content creation and publishing strategy for better results.
CountessCtry Premium
You're welcome.