Can i get enough help here without premium to start my business that actually earns?

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DianeK59 Premium
Catherine and Jim have given a good explanation. Honestly, to get the most from WA, premium is the way to go. It is certainly possible to learn your first week and get a good start. But the advantages of premium are well worth the monthly, in my opinion. Remember that it includes hosting, jaaxy, full training, and a community to help with questions and understanding.

That said, I know that some just cannot afford the monthly at first. If that's the case, learn what you can the first week until you lose that access. It will give you a start. Then, consider going premium when you are able.

I wish you success in whichever route you take,
JKulk1 Premium
You really need to understand Wordpress if you're going to stay with the free site. It can be done , but it's not easy. Unfortunately the help you are looking for is part of the premium upgrade. Jim
Thanks, i see it now...
TheCatherine Premium
You have one week to ask any questions as a starter member. This a period of time for you to try before you buy and assess whether you want to go ahead and be a premium member. After that week you lose all access to the platform to ask questions.
In that week you will be offered a discount price and after that no will ever ask you to be premium again. You can build a free website for six months and after that you lose the free website
Thanks, so the answer is no...