Hi guys,
Having recently paid for a full months subscription to WA, but then realising that it really isn't for me - given the glitches that I've recently experienced - is there any way I can secure a refund?

No major problem if I can't, but it won't help WA when I write my planned review! :-)

All the best

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AbieAJ Premium
Great question, great answers. Hope it has resolved.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - Tom has answered your question, but I wonder if you have perhaps been trying to achieve something with your site that is beyond a beginners level.

I notice you have only completed level 1 of the training which really only covers the absolute basics. Plus, you mentioned a couple of months ago that you were using Elementor to build your site, which is not necessarily newbie friendly.

Perhaps if you were to install the recommended Generate Press theme which is easy to use and concentrate on adding content rather than design you may progress a little further.

Good luck in whatever path you choose.
George W E Premium
Hi Diane, many thanks for your comments; I really appreciate them xxx :-)

To be honest, I realise that a lot of the problems I'm having are down to me having a 'bad hair day' or two! :-) Okay, with my rapidly disappearing hair, maybe thats a bad analogy! ;-) LOL

I hear what you're saying regarding Elementor and I appreciate that my choice of Astra along with said Elementor may have been a bit off target. But surely, basic websites built with such as Hiero (an option given to absolute beginners) are way off the mark? Sites built with such basic software are unlikely to succeed in the long-run - don't you agree?

Assuming I can get back into WA, I will give Generate Press a try. :-)

As you will know, online marketing and online advertising - like everything else in life - doesn't stand still! And I'm sure that you will agree that a lot of the advice given as lessons on this site is way out of date!

Obviously, running a service such as WA is no easy undertaking and constant updating to keep up with the latest trends (and Google's changes!) isn't easy! But I sometimes wonder whether the founders may be resting on their laurels somewhat!

Like many prospective online marketers, I spend time looking at many other options available to us online marketers and so many times, I read that WA is perhaps getting left behind, due to a lack of pertinent updates to its training. For example: Jaaxy v Ubbersuggest? :-(

In closing, I am going to try yet again to access my websites and I sincerely hope that I will be successful and that I can then move forward and continue to make proper use of WA's (basically sound) training model.

Once more, many thanks for your feed back and comments.

My best wishes to you always
Hackerist Premium
Most likely the glitches are on your end. There are no glitches coming from WA that I am aware of.
No refunds here per WA terms. However, you may want to contact billing choosing the Billing category:



George W E Premium
Cheers Tom.

My latest reply from WA's technical people, answered only half my question - and it took them over an hour to reply - used to be a few minutes!

Added to that, why should a business that is supposed to be offering a service, get away with fobbing questions off on to other members? Messages from 'Kyle' (I suspect an auto-responder!) being an example....

Anyway, whatever happens down the line, many thanks for getting back to me and for the feedback and links. :-)

Hackerist Premium
You're welcome George!