Hi all,

Im in need of this answer. Im updating a tonne of content and I need the URL updated as well because its the titles of the posts which im updating.

Well, someone said that I cant touch the permalinks after they have been indexed? is this true?

Thanks in advance!

Michael V.

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J-KWest Premium
You can change them but you'll want to use a plugin like Redirection to do 301 redirects from your old URL to your new URL. This let's Google know that your new URL is the correct one to index and passes any "Google Juice" your old post had to the new one.

If you don't redirect, Google will treat the new URL like a completely new post and while the old URL still exists it will compete with your new one (since both URL's now exist independently).

And Google won't know which one to rank.

Your old one will show up as a 404 error but 404 errors can occur for a number of reasons and they don't necessarily mean the post is gone for good. It could just be down temporary as far as Google knows so they won't de-index it immediately.

In fact, if you purchase expired domains... many have posts that are still indexed but haven't existed for months or even years.

There's no problem doing it though, just make sure to add the 301 redirects.
michaelvgATN Premium
Hi J-KWest, thanks for your knowledge on this first and foremost.

I dont know what to think now because I already went ahead and did the change. It was a now and then thing to do.

Now, from what I understand my old pages are going to remain a 404 no show (because of my changes).

So in other words, Google wants me to download a plugin to go through each post and have them redirected? im 34 next month...how long is that going to take lol

This is another major issue that I have come across since starting this spectacular journey. Sure, a plugin to redirect great content is must, but for someone as new as me trying to start a business, I see that as being something which will weigh me down so much that I could forget blogging for the meantime. Google being a billion dollar prospect, they may have something which tells them about an update with which a 301 has not been used, thus deleting the page for us. My conclusion: why make extra work unless needed.
michaelvgATN Premium
Hey man, check out what I found, its my sites custom 404 page and it offers the home page link which is nice as, really handy for anyone that lands there.
Selenityjade Premium
Kyle in training always says not to change the permalinks because it causes 404 errors with Google.

I'm sure there's a plugin that allows redirects to the new post, but as there are 7 bazillion websites out there and Google's algorithm is just a bot, it needs some help figuring out what you're doing.
michaelvgATN Premium
Ok thank you Selenit.
lakbar12 Premium
Great question!

I keep getting mixed answers myself. I've heard to not change the permalink at all. Then I've heard it is okay so, I am not sure what is right and what is wrong.

I do know Vitaliy says to leave the permalink as is, and that is what I did. I changed post title but, not the permalinks. So, I wouldn't suggest you change the permalink...
FKelso Premium
Read the tutorial, "Your complete guide to permalinks." You can access it from the search bar above.