Hi there,

My site is not a "make money online" site but I do use affiliated links and is busy monetizing it.

Can I add a page with blogs/articles to it on how I am making money with it?

Or will it be better to create a different site with this money niche and then just link to my 'current' site?


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HildeRegine Premium Plus
You can do anything you want on your site, But I would not mix .
Many site owners who do not have a makemoneyonline site are creative when it comes to promote makemoneyonline programs.
Some make a page or a widget with their#1 recommendation and a contactform where people can sign up to a list to find out more.
Others make a banner they put inside the post with a link to the program they promote. Often with a text: want to find out how you can create a stunning website like this? or some other punchy line.

The thing is that if you have lets say a website about dogs - It does not fit well with a page full of Makemoneyonline blogposts on it froma customer perspective. And also from the search engine perspective.

But a small widget in the sidebar saying : want to create your own dog website? with a subtle link to a contactform or an affiliateprogram may do the trick. I understand how you think. You want to make the most out of your site.
Cornelia76 Premium
Thank you
JeffreyBrown Premium
That's the exact thing I have done on one of my sites, Hilde! Something like ""If you like this site and want to learn how to make one yourself, click here!" Thanks!

Newme202 Premium
Cornelia, I am in total agreement with the answers that Phil and Abie gave below
MMH32 Premium
Hi Cornelia,

I would create another blog concerning the Make Money Online niche.

MBhuiyan1 Premium Plus
I am raw still
philmedia Premium Plus
Great question and I am not sure what your niche is but a great question would be:

How can I maximise revenue from my current niche?

Afterall the audience will be searching out that problem not MMO.

So the best way but extreme way is imagine that you went into a travel agent and then half way through they starting selling you a slow cooker.

You would probably go and book your holiday somewhere else. As AbieAJ said it needs a new focus and site.

But also make sure your monetization strategy for your current brand is in place. That includes traffic.

One problem at a time.

Good luck... Phil
Cornelia76 Premium
Thank you.
philmedia Premium Plus
My pleasure good answer from Hilde all the best Phil